Google Analytics Certified in 2016 – Is This Your Year?

Is this the year that you master Google Analytics?

I put my heart and soul into an online Google Analytics Course. If you sign up now, you will get our best price at $297.

Over the past 6 years, I have taught Google Analytics training courses to over 1,000 students.

At first I thought that it would be a one-time only thing, but I soon learned teaching was my calling.

Students love the courses because it gives them deep knowledge of how Google Analytics works, and the confidence they need to bring this knowledge to their organization. Their companies love the courses because they are able to provide valuable insights to improve the organization.

For me, it’s the light bulb moment that happens when students start to really get the power that they through analytics mastery. That moment is the most rewarding part of my job.

Even with the enjoyment and the success of in person teaching, the courses were largely confined to those who were able to attend a course in Minneapolis. For example, you can attend my in person course in Minneapolis April 4th and April 6th, 2016.

But what about people who can't make it to Minneapolis for training?

They needed an online option!

Act global, teach local?

You may not know this (unless you read the newsletter or see me at conferences), but in 2015 I sold all of my worldly possessions and became a full time digital nomad. Jeffalytics posts have been published from 10+ countries. Podcasts were recorded from farmhouses in Italy and hotel rooms in Sydney.

Not bad for a guy who still gets text messages from friends saying “I never thought you would leave Minnesota, you townie. What do you do for a living again?

While I never really had a plan for this blog when I launched it, the content has appealed to a large audience worldwide. Less than 50% of my visitors are from the United States. The rest? Visitors from hundreds of countries eager to learn analytics and marketing.

And yet I only offered Google Analytics training a few times a year in my native Minneapolis.

Years ago, I put up a form on my website to gauge interest in online Google Analytics training. Turns out there was a worldwide demand for the courses.

Time to create that course!

This January, February (and now March) I locked myself in an apartment in Buenos Aires and got to work on recording an online version of my popular Google Analytics course. We accepted a small group of students to be our “earlybird” beta testers, and got to work. Hundreds of hours and 30+ videos later, I am ready to announce the course to the public.

What better announcement than a sample video?

I can write a thousand words about the course (and I probably will in this post), but I think the most important thing is to share a video with you to see if you enjoy my teaching style. This is an actual video from the course, and this is how I teach.

The first few videos show a video of me talking while a presentation is shown on screen. Eventually we focus entirely on the content (and don't show me on video and I get better at looking into the camera instead of my presentation).

We start the course off very softly, with a little history of web analytics and an introduction to the concepts we will be learning. I don't even get into Google Analytics in this video, yet it sets the tone for how the class will proceed moving forward.

If you would like to see more videos, I have made several sample videos available to you.

Will I like this course and is it worth $297?

Yes, you will enjoy this course and find tremendous value in the content. But don't just take my word for it, listen to what student Fred has to say:

I would indeed have paid $497 for this class, if I knew what was involved.
First, the material is great.
Second, is your answers to the questions that get asked in the forums.  No matter what the questions are, your answers are detailed, knowledgeable, and thorough.  (And I don't mean just my questions.)  Very impressive and valuable.

Fred has signed up several co-workers and even family members throughout our earlybird period.

To make sure you are comfortable with your investment, I am happy to offer you a 30 day money back guarantee from the date you purchase the course. If you don't like the course material, we will refund your purchase price.

What can I do with the information from this course?

There is something to be said for a class that makes everyone involved smarter. Students are taking their new knowledge back to their organizations. They are making their companies better and themselves more valuable. Everyone wins.

After talking with hundreds of students who have taken my courses, I kept on getting the same feedback: they would love to be part of an ongoing support network to expand on their analytics learnings and skills. They don’t want the learning to end once they leave the classroom.

Not only that, but they want to hear from experts on a monthly basis in order to apply the knowledge that they have learned.

That’s when I had a light bulb moment. Why can’t I deliver this ongoing support and connect my students with experts?

This course takes the best parts of our classroom experience and turns it into an online community where we can all thrive for the long haul. There are high quality video lessons, tons of bonus materials, a private members only forum, and monthly calls with experts. What a package!
The last thing that my students told me is that the course should be priced as a “no brainer” for students to sign up. I listened there, too. The course is priced so reasonably that anyone can afford to learn Analytics.

So I ask you, is this the year you master Google Analytics?

Can't I just learn this on my own for free?

With countless resources across the internet, we know you can learn about Google Analytics on your own time, at your own pace. It may take a few years to get there, but you can scrape together an education through a variety of free education pieces.

If free is your focus, then I encourage you to enroll in Google's free training course available at Google Analytics Academy.

Why would I sign up for your course if there is a free option?

Let’s talk some more about the course to get a full understanding of everything we have to offer.

First of all, the course is structured as a progression from beginner to intermediate to advanced lessons. Then we help you become Google Analytics certified. It takes about 30 days to complete.

If you have never used Google Analytics before, this course will take you all the way to certification.

If you have dabbled in Google Analytics before, this course will round out your knowledge (and fill in any knowledge gaps you may have).

How are these lessons delivered? Via beautiful HD videos that you can watch any time you wish. 24-7 learning at your fingertips. Every weekday we send you a reminder of when your next lesson is available.

And the learning doesn’t stop after the videos are done.

If you have a question along the way, you can ask it in our private “members only” forum.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also release bonus videos that help keep you up to date with developments in Google Analytics. Want to learn competitive analysis for budgeting? Content analytics? Then our bonus videos are perfect.

And the last thing is that every month, you get exclusive members-only webinars where you can join Jeff and analytics industry experts to talk about industry developments and answer your personal questions.

When you add up the level of expert access you get with this course + ongoing education + the price point, there is nothing like this on the market.

What is the price point?

The answer to that one is easy. If you purchase now, you are eligible for our $297 earlybird rate. This is the lowest price we will offer for the course.

The best part? You can start today.

The beauty of Google Analytics is that it isn’t going anywhere. But – being the digital marketing professional you are, you’ll need to learn it sooner or later.

So what’ll it be – learn it sooner and keep up with your peers? Or learn it later and continue to fall behind?

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