SEO reports in Google Analytics.

So: SEO reports in Google Analytics

Today, we talk about SEO reports in Google Analytics.

SEO reports in Google Analytics

ACQUISITION: The acquisition reports are what drew me to Google Analytics, and as we go through these Acquisition elements, you'll see there is good reason why. These reports are insightful and empowering for any marketer who is tasked with driving traffic to your website.

The first question that the reports answer: how did our website visitors find us?

We will learn about search traffic, referrals and direct visitors. If you have ever wondered what the terms in a traffic report means, then stay tuned. We also help you understand how you can make these reports much more useful using campaign tracking.

SEO reports in Google Analytics

SEO REPORTS: Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) reports

What is Google Search Console?

This is how Google knows about your website, and its traffic and links, among other things. And the SEO reports in Google Analytics will be able to provide data on which keywords are driving traffic to your website.

SEO reports in Google Analytics

Intermediate. Some configuration is needed as you'll need to link your Google Analytics account to the Google Search Console.

SEO reports in Google Analytics

  1. The SEO report in Google Analytics will only provide the top 1,000 queries of the day. This is not helpful in understanding which keywords are driving traffic to your website. But with the help of landing pages report and queries report, you can do better. You can get more granular data.
  2. If you want access to historical data, then do remember to download the SEO reports. Google Analytics only show data from the past 90 days, and nothing before that. So download and store it if you want to do analysis over a longer period of time. There are third party tools which allows you to download this data.

Want to know more about the Periodic Table of Google Analytics? Visit here for more information.

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