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Introducing Agency Jumpstart: The Profit-First Approach to Building Your Agency Business

From the desk of Jeff Sauer, Founder of Jeffalytics and Data Driven. Partner in a Five-time Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Agency in the US. Adjunct marketing professor at the University of St. Thomas. Top 25 Most Influential PPC Expert.

What would happen if you took a profit first approach to running your business?

I can tell you what it did for my agency.

It helped me stop running myself ragged trying to solve every one of my clients’ problems on my own.

It helped me figure out when to hire employees and which hires would generate the biggest return on my time as well as my dollar.

It helped me figure out which clients to pursue and which ones to avoid.

Taking a profit first approach helped my agency grow from six figures to seven figures in revenue, becoming a 5x Inc. 5000 fastest growing business in the United States from 2010-2014.

Now that I’ve survived my agency growth journey, I want to share with you a complete, hands-on playbook for incorporating a numbers-based, profit first approach into running your service business.

And I’m not holding anything back... I’m sharing every lesson I learned about building, leading and scaling a multi-million dollar agency business. I’m giving it to you in the form of tangible frameworks, templates, and calculators you can use in your business.

Are you ready to stop being overwhelmed by all the fake opportunities and shiny objects that take up your time?

Do you want to dramatically increase your income, build a business legacy, and have your choice of clients?

Then let me introduce you to the Agency Jumpstart program.

Reach your goals faster by learning from someone who has been there before - let jeff sauer coach your business

With Agency Jumpstart, I am sharing my expertise gained from growing a thriving, multi-million dollar agency business. 

I'm a big fan of the basketball player Stephen Curry. He started his career as an above-average NBA player, but in the 2014/2015 season he made the leap. That season he became the NBA MVP and won a championship.

It would be easy to credit his success to luck or good fortune, but I want to tell you what I think is his secret. 

A few months before the 2014 season started, Steph began working with a new shooting coach. Bruce Fraser is hardly a household name, but he works with Steph every day on his jump shot. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The results paid off, and he became a champion. Three times!

The same can be said for Lebron James. He spends $1.5 Million dollars a year on his body (around 2% of his income). Granted, he makes $71 Million dollars a year, so he can afford the best shooting coaches, private chefs, daily massages, strength and conditioning coaches, and much more. 

Both of these athletes know that investing in their skills makes them more valuable as superstars. Their investments increased the ceiling of their earning potential, and kept their careers thriving for years to come. 

They also realize the benefits of coaching to help reach their goals. They understand the value of specialized expertise when applied to their specific talents.

If your goal is to Grow your skills as a highly-paid, respected, and influential agency business owner, then agency jumpstart is specifically for you

How invaluable would it be to have someone guide you on your path to success?

Someone who’s been where you want to go… Someone who can help you avoid the mistakes you’d otherwise surely end up making?

In Agency Jumpstart, I share a proven path to success that’s specific to your service based business. The program provides you with an action-plan for building your business, and it's put together by someone who’s has been in your position and succeeded.

I will help you avoid the mistakes I made on my path to growing a five-time Inc 5000 award winning agency. The lessons I teach in this program will help you break free from fixing problems all day long, or wondering when you should hire help, or trying to figure out how many clients you can manage.

Agency Jumpstart is designed to help you build, scale and grow your business the right way.

This course will provide you with definitive answers to your most pressing business questions, like:

  • How do you grow and scale your business with process?
  • How do you properly onboard a new client?
  • When should you consider bringing on account managers?
  • What qualities do you look for in a good project manager?
  • Why is it important to implement accountability if you want to scale?

Planning for growth and scale are the biggest opportunity areas for a business owner who aspires to build an agency business with employees! If you don’t implement the right processes early on, it’s near impossible to hit your goals without breaking down.

Trust me, I've been there, too. 

What's included in Agency Jumpstart? 
Let's take a look inside the program

section 1: Agency fundamentals

Here is what you will discover in Agency Fundamentals:

  • A simple walkthrough of how to interpret a profit and loss statement so you understand the basics. (Your accountant will be amazed by your thoughtful questions).
  • The TWO accounting statements you need to master if you want to grow your agency's profit. (And why every agency needs it to evaluate their business performance and ensure they have enough cash in the bank to survive).
  • A complete thorough deconstruction of what a balance sheet is and all its components. (Plus, the most important equation you should know - the equivalent of E=mc^2).
  • Why Performance Based Consulting sounds great on paper, but is actually terrible in practice.
  • A downloadable revenue model calculator to help you determine which revenue model to choose for your services.
  • Why it’s difficult to scale revenue with big projects. (Hint: Big projects equal more money, but there’s a drawback from a business development perspective that you must know).
  • The ONE non-negotiable thing your services need to have in order for you to be profitable as a freelancer or consultant.
  • Why boring industries can sometimes make you the most money. (And how specializing in one boring industry helped my agency effortlessly close sale after sale).

Curious of how it works? Check out this free sample video.



Here is what you will discover inside of our business development section:

  • 16 lead generation tactics that require ZERO cold calling.
  • The single most important lead generation tactic that allows you to position yourself INSTANTLY as the expert just by association.
  • Complete deconstruction of how your prospective client thinks about their problems and how you can leverage that into your sales pitch.
  • The SINGLE most important concept for service businesses to understand in order to easily hit income targets. (Not only that, but it provides you income security for long term strategies and service growth.)
  • The TEN sales metrics every consultant or service business needs to track in order to understand the full sales picture and its impact on profits. (Miss one of these and you will be flying blind during your sales cycle.)
  • The ingredients that go into a great sales pitch deck to persuasively communicate the value your service provides to prospective clients.
  • The ONE thing you NEED to do if you are just starting out as a service business. (No, it is not blogging, creating business cards, or networking. Hint: It starts with the letter H.)
  • The THREE biggest mistakes service businesses make when marketing their website and how to fix them. (And 5 tactics that will easily improve your website’s homepage so you avoid the kitchen-sink marketing syndrome.)
  • How to leverage knowledge of client budget cycles into your sales process so you can intercept them when they are most likely to buy. (Plus, use my Client Budget Cycles framework to track client’s budget cycles and stay top-of-mind during the sales cycle.)
  • Why most agency’s revenues come from 2/3 of existing clients and how client relationships are the difference factor between you and your competitors.
  • The Bad Client checklist and the Sauer Principle (80% of the pain in your butt comes from 20% of your clients.)


Grow your agency the right way with these jumpstart lessons:

  • Why agencies fail in making clients happy with the work they deliver.
  • The 9 critical questions you should ask your clients during the onboarding process to manage client expectations.
  • The FOUR components of project management. (And why accountability is critically important to your agency's growth.)
  • How to receive timely payments from clients. (And the impact of client payment terms on your cash flow.)
  • My secret to effective Statements of Work that I painfully learned over my 10+ years as an entrepreneur that you can learn and implement right away.
  • Discover when you can afford an employee using the RHC metric so you know EXACTLY when to hire a new employee from a financial perspective. (And three detailed examples of how the RHC metric affects your profit margins.)
  • Discover the right time to hire an employee from an operations standpoint with the 8-step Hiring Flow Framework, so you recognize the exact moment when you should or should not hire an employee.
  • The best advice my CFO gave me while growing my agency (Hint: Timing is everything when it comes to profitability.)
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when being a subcontractor. (Agencies are not without hubris, discover common mistakes that can kill your profits when you become a subcontractor!)
  • Why you should involve your employees in your marketing and business development instead of only a few people doing it, and 4 agencies who do this well.
  • The truth about retaining employees and how to determine if you should or should not give your employees a raise. (Sometimes you have to say NO even to your top performers - remember you’re a business and need healthy profit margins.)


Long-term building blocks need to be in place in your business - We teach you:

  • The THREE different phases of building an agency. (And the biggest lessons I learned as a "solopreneur" and agency owner.)
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each business entity using the Choice of Entity Chart so you are informed when you talk to your lawyer and accountant. 
  • The difference between an affiliate and a business partner. (And the most common rookie mistake I see consultants make.)
  • How to deal with your existing business partners and the 4 things you need to consider in case you decide to end your partnership.
  • The 8 decisions executives make and the primary responsibility of your company’s shareholders.
  • The THREE types of businesses that could potentially acquire your business and how each one goes about acquiring an agency business.
  • The organizational chart that my own agency used for years and the largest role that made up 75% of employees. 
  • How to apply the 80/20 rule to your services using The Profit Opportunities Framework so you know which are bringing REAL profits and which are not worth offering anymore.​​​​ 
  • How to create a customer success strategy that you can easily reproduce, so the best clients keep working with you in the future. 
  • The only way of knowing if your agency is successful or not, and the importance of comparing your actual budget versus your projected budget.  
  • The #1 regret I had when my agency started experiencing massive growth. (Do this early in your business, and you will be able to support new clients and employees with grace.) 


Here are five ways to make sure you don't get your a** kicked in the agency business:

  • Understand why not all revenue is good revenue.
  • Make a choice in your business between creating a platform or providing services.
  • Don't try to scale your culture too quickly.
  • Every agency must put these 8 business planning building blocks in place before growing (and we provide a checklist to make sure you have addressed them all.)
  • Be sure to differentiate your services, and use third-party recognition whenever possible.

Hands-on Examples and Access to 20+ Plug and Play Agency Workbooks & Frameworks

Build your agency business using Jeff's proven playbook of processes and checklists to make sure you make the right move every step of the way. 

Community: Private Data Driven Business Owner Facebook Group 

Run ideas past other business owners to see what is working in the marketplace, learn about new product vendors, and forge referral partnerships. 

Bonus: Linked jumpstart

Inside Linked Jumpstart, you will discover how to generate targeted new business relationships through LinkedIn. Use the same methods that Daniel M. has implemented to generate over $160,000 in new business over the past 12 months. 

Linked Jumpstart normally sells for $999, but we are including it as a bonus inside Agency Jumpstart. Learn the following LinkedIn techniques to get new customers. 

  • The Secret “Journey Map” to Finding the Best Clients in ANY Industry
  • How to Say “NO” to Penny-Pinching Clients for Good
  • Know exactly when you should transition from a friendly conversation to a business conversation on LinkedIn
  • Learn why with LinkedIn, it's not what you know, but who knows you
  • Clearly see why LinkedIn lead generation process is the “Best Marketing Money” you can spend compared to Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn Ads
  • Discover how to script out every single LinkedIn message you send to contacts. (Plus, how to manage potential objections by mapping them out with pre-written scripts.)
  • The Six Commandments of LinkedIn if you want to build massive connections. (Commandment #4 is so rarely seen that you won't know about it unless you have taken an anthropology class or sent thousands of LinkedIn messages.)
  • See the ONE thing you MUST do you if you want to virtually guarantee an acceptance request from your business contact.

Bonus: Exclusive discounts on marketing tools that differentiate you from competitors

Get access to our growing list of exclusive perks and discounts on the most important software systems for agencies and their clients. Currently valued at over $1,250, with more discounts being added each month as we negotiate deals. 

Bonus: SALES JUMPSTART - how to build an agency business development pipeline

Join today and get our Sales Jumpstart Course. This program includes 59 HD video mini-lessons of up to 20 minutes. Most videos are short, between 5 - 10 minutes, so you can focus on the mini-lesson at hand and then take action. In total there are 12 core lessons in Sales Jumpstart:

In sections 1 - 6, you'll learn about the Qualification Phase of the Clients for Decades model. You'll learn about inbound lead generation, outbound lead generation, and outreach templates you can use to get that first appointment and establish your expertise as a freelancer, consultant, or agency. You NEED to have a consistent flow of sales leads in your service-based business. Otherwise, you will waste time focusing on C, D, and F opportunities, instead of giving your undivided attention to A&B opportunities.

In sections 7 - 10, you'll learn about the Advisor Phase of the Clients for Decades model. I will teach you how to present your services in the best light possible using my proven Million Dollar Sales Deck as a template (and three things you should NEVER include in your pitch). You'll also learn the benefits and drawbacks of pitching your services in-person, or virtually, and how to handle each scenario, so you know which approach works best for you.

Finally, in sections 11 and 12 you'll learn about the Follow-Up Phase of the Clients for Decades model. I'll teach you a proven and straightforward follow-up strategy you can use to diligently and proactively follow-up with your prospects, so you can keep yourself top-of-mind AND check-in on sealing the deal with your prospect without using artificial scarcity tactics or manipulative closing techniques.

Here's some specifics on what you'll learn in this program.

  • How to immediately recognize when leads are worth your time, or when you should pass on an opportunity
  • How generating inbound leads is the best way to grow your first $1 Million on revenue, and why you don’t need to resort to cold-calling to get there.
  • How to evaluate the characteristics of your most profitable customers and find more of them through outbound marketing (and when to niche down)
  • Watch Jeff critique the outreach emails he received from service providers over a 3-month period (and learn what you should absolutely NOT do in your outreach)
  • Healthy business metrics - the two metrics that immediately show that you have a healthy business 
  • An exclusive look at our revenue projection process, grading system, and how you can use this system to project your revenue for the next 12 months
  • My 11-step process that I use to evaluate every sales prospect (Hint: if a lead doesn’t pass at least 10 of these tests, they are not a prospect)
  • A 9-point checklist for what you MUST include in your pitch deck
  • The right order to share your slides, and how to build a narrative that keeps the attention of your prospects for the entire pitch
  • 13 considerations for making virtual pitches effective (and some of the biggest mistakes I made over the years)
  • The 9-step process you need to go through when creating an estimate (and a checklist to keep you on track)
  • The difference between broke service professionals & those who get paid their due
  • My strategy for closing a $100k/year deal with one simple email (and how that contract has generated over $700k in revenue to date)

Here's what Josh, founder of Brandish Insights, has to say about what he learned in Sales Jumpstart. 


Bonus: SALES Deck templates

Want to prepare your next sales presentation for your services like an Inc. 5000 agency would? You can with this bonus of FIVE pre-designed and pre-vetted sales deck templates in Powerpoint format with my "Sauer Seal of Approval."

You’ll also get a walk-through video where I show you step-by-step on how to fill out your sales deck templates FAST so you present your services from a position of strength and authority just like I ​deliver my sales presentations to new clients. 

This course is for entrepreneurs who are seeking:

  • A roadmap and action-based planning tools to help grow into a healthy business
  • To create a business that can successfully run without them
  • To remove all the "winging it" from financial forecasting
  • To develop a new habit of regularly "working on the business"
  • To understand the process of building a high-functioning team
  • To avoid making common mistakes that negatively affect profits
  • To avoid getting their asses kicked

This course may not be for you if...

  • You aren't serious about taking your income to the next level
  • You aren't ready to commit to the regular habit of "working on your business" for at least an hour every day of the week
  • Your agency has already achieved over $10 million in revenue and has over 100 employees
  • You are not planning to develop in-demand skills that allow you to thrive as a consultant and agency owner

These business owners have grown their businesses in 2019 with the help of Agency Jumpstart Course 


After taking Jeff's Agency Course, using tips, techniques, and selling points within the course, I was able to pitch the value of Advanced Analytics option to a large auto dealership group and win a monthly retainer agreement worth $60,000. From Jeff's Course alone, I have realized a return on my investment of 6,000%. The videos and course materials are easy to understand plus implement. If you are a Digital/Marketing Agency, Freelancer,  Business Owner or anyone that is serious about learning and getting paid for their skill's, Jeff's course will help you get there.


Abe Kurian

Creative Web Results 


For seven years of business ownership, my knowledge was derived from occasional input from mentors and trial and error. Taking the Agency Course has had a great impact on my business. It took out the guess work. I learned new strategies, acquired new tools and gained confidence in what I was already doing well. The agency course has helped me grow my business.


Rosemary Ugboajah

Neka Creative


The course is incredible so far and worth every penny (and then some). It feels like getting an MBA specializing in agency/service-based business -- which probably saved me the $80K I contemplated on an actual MBA.


Sean Power

Digital Marketing Freelancer


I learned more in this course than I have pretty much all the other courses I’ve taken in my life. The great thing about this course is that everything is actionable. It’s not all theory, it’s all actionable and Jeff makes it very easy to take action with the handouts and spreadsheets.
The biggest thing that the Agency Jumpstart Course saved me from was instead of entering into a partnership with another freelancer, I decided to remain independent. Based on what I learned from the course, and the personal feedback I got from Jeff, I broke off that relationship amicably. It saved me from making irreversible mistakes with my business. That alone was worth a lot of money that I could have wasted in the future.

And if you are worried about the investment, this course can easily save you tens of thousands of dollars of mistakes in the future. Depending on how big those mistakes are, it could even be hundreds of thousands of dollars. I feel confident in saying that it can save you tens of thousands of dollars over just a few years.


Alvaro Berrios

Full Circle Marketing


Jeff’s course is like getting an MBA in running an Agency. Intense, thorough, rich in detail, and taught by someone who has lived the agency life and started and scaled a successful agency. This is not theoretical knowledge – these are hard-learned lessons, taught by an entrepreneur who is excellent at teaching.


Fred Pike

Northwoods Software


At first, I was skeptical about the course as it was quite a significant investment for a starting business with no income. But I do not regret it at all. 

You don't know what you don't know, and the Agency Jumpstart Course is a perfect journey to get a good overview of all the main building blocks needed to build a successful agency. To be honest, we just copied most of the strategies, and it helped us to create a foundation to become Estonias top AdWords agency in only 10 months. So, money well spent :)


Andres Ruul


my personal


Join Today! It's 100% RISK FREE. If you complete Agency Jumpstart Course, and still don't find it valuable for your business, email our support for a refund. Show us that you completed all of the video lessons and worksheets, and we'll happily refund your full payment. 

Join today to get your exclusive bonuses! 

The Agency Jumpstart Course is the only course out there that walks you through a proven step-by-step methodology, using a profit-first approach to starting and growing your agency. 

Grow and scale a successful agency business

Build your business the right way

This program is designed for business owners who want to build an Agency business that hires and develops employees, builds sustainable business practices, and structures their business for maximum flexibility.


Join today to receive lifetime access to the following business-building tools.

  • Core Program: Agency Jumpstart Course program with Five Core Modules for agency owners ($1,999 Price)
  • Hands-on Examples: Access to 20+ Plug and Play Agency Workbooks & Frameworks ($1,000 Value)
  • Community: Private Data Driven Business Owner Facebook Group Access ($500 Value)
  • Bonus #1: Linked Jumpstart Course ($999 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Exclusive discounts with marketing tools that differentiate you from competitors ($1,250 Value)
  • Bonus #3: Sales Jumpstart Course ($999 Value)
  • Bonus #4: Five Plug and Play Sales Pitch Deck Templates ($250 Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $10,185

Growing agency package price


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Can I complete Agency Course at my own pace?

How much time do I need to dedicate?

Will you have a module on how to decide which market to serve in my agency? I am starting my business from scratch.

Will one of the modules be business ops-focused?

Will you be covering financials vs hiring process in the course?

Will your course cover what a real team looks like? I want to remove myself from day-to-day operations to focus on building my business.