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Tag Manager Mastery + Data Studio Mastery 

Two on-demand, online training programs that will help you combine precise tracking with clear reporting frameworks.

We've trained 15,634 members to deliver data driven results for organizations worldwide, including:

Tag Manager Mastery starts with the basics, and by the end of this training, you'll understand how to unlock a whole new world of precise marketing insights.

What you'll learn in this course:

  • Save time and money tagging your website, while reducing tracking errors
  • Upgrade your analytics using three GTM power tools - tags, triggers and variables 
  • Add 70+ advertising and analytics tools to your website using code-free tag templates
  • Enhance your website user experience by adding automatic event tracking to discover better ways to optimize your content marketing efforts
  • Measure the real value of your advertising campaigns using conversion pixel templates
  • ​Prevent your tracking code from going obsolete every time Google makes a change, by putting your Google tracking code updates on tag-template autopilot
  • Test and debug your tracking in minutes, so you can confidently and quickly install your own tracking without having to wait on web development
  • ​Simplify your analytics, while getting direct access to better data to make better marketing decisions
  • Implement techniques that will add immediate value to your business, increase the ROI of your marketing efforts, and maximize the earning potential of your organization

Who is this course for:

  • Marketers who want immediate access to the data they need to do their job more effectively
  • Website owners and analysts who want to be able to track their site performance, without waiting days or weeks for web developers to put tracking tags on their site
  • Google Analytics users who want deeper, more valuable marketing insights that go beyond the "one size fits all" basic installation of GA
  • Consultants and agency teams that want to learn how to automate their tracking of client results
  • PPC marketers that want greater control over their conversion tracking
  • Professionals that want to add high value skills and increase their earning potential

Data Studio Mastery teaches advertisers, marketers, and business owners how to develop real-time reporting to guide business strategy and visually communicate marketing results.

What you'll learn in this course:

  • Create reports that focus on the information your business needs to grow
  • Simplify your data-driven marketing strategy
  • Use Google Data Studio to save hours of time on reporting
  • Consolidate your most important metrics into one dashboard
  • Deliver reports that build trust with your clients, and inspire your team
  • Automate your reporting using Google Data Studio and other tools
  • Use plug-and-play Data Studio dashboard templates for SEO, PPC, and more
  • Use our ACES Framework to design a marketing strategy that matches your goals
  • Identify and track KPIs for every stage of your marketing funnel
  • Use tools like Keyword Hero, Supermetrics, and Zapier to save time, get access to better data, and build more complete reports
  • Build a live dashboard that reports on your entire marketing funnel
  • Capture, communicate and share your marketing vision using Google Data Studio

Who is this course for:

  • Freelance marketers that deliver reports to clients
  • Agency marketers that have reporting responsibilities
  • Corporate marketers that deliver reports to managers, executives or other stakeholders
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to add a data-driven approach to their marketing strategy
  • Anyone who wants to turn their data into a live, automated dashboard that reports on their marketing plan

Join 15,634 Members Who rapidly advanced their digital marketing skill using our Data Driven Training process

In my new role, I am spending a lot more time immersed in analytics and reporting for our corporate site across the entire enterprise. I appreciate your Google Data Studio guidance because it keeps me on top of recent Google news, product updates, and feedback from others who are building similar data driven organizations. Cheers!

Lauren Melcher

These bundles are a really great value - I purchased Google Data Studio, GTM, and Analytics courses :)


This training is well worth the price (I have never spent so much on training before!) but I purchased because I had so much confidence in Jeff’s training. After completing Jeff’s Analytics training course, I knew Data Studio Mastery was next on my list. I’ve already leveraged the program and my knowledge to automate tons of reports! This course gave me what I need to go beyond single-channel reporting and build professional reports for my organization!

Eric Bouchet

I never figured out GTM until Jeff’s training. Thanks! 


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the GTM calls that Jeff hosts and I'm very grateful that you these calls are included as part of the program. It’s great to be part of the community.

I personally value the fact that you were as open and transparent with your students and that you willingly tackle pretty much any question that comes at you from the community. I look forward to remaining part of the community long-term and have you answer my questions as they come up!


About your instructor

Hi, I’m Jeff Sauer. I have been working in web analytics since 2005, when I became one of the first people to beta test Google Analytics. I was also privileged to be one of the first 50 people to beta test Google Tag Manager.

Ever since Google Tag Manager (GTM) launched, I've been fascinated by how much easier this platform makes tagging and tracking.

The introduction of Google Data Studio (GDS) as free tool in Google 's marketing stack makes it possible to quickly visualize the valuable data you track using GTM.  

As a Google certified partner, I've helped thousands of organizations upgrade their tracking and turn their data into meaningful, actionable marketing reports.

Together GTM and GDS can save you 100s of hours and 1000s of dollars executing your marketing initiatives.

Inside my mastery level courses, not only will you learn how to use these tools from the inside out... but you'll also get direct access to the GTM and GDS frameworks I use with my clients, and in my own business.

These training programs were designed to give you command of two of the most in-demand digital marketing skills (tracking and reporting) along with resources you can use to make an immediate impact on your business objectives.

Jeff has been featured on:

​What You Can Expect From ​Tag Manager Mastery

A time saving system for connecting your marketing platforms: Learn how to save time by connecting your website to over 90 marketing systems within GTM.

A guide to improving your measurement: Get on-demand resource that shows you how to put tracking in place that will improve your measurement, adding more value to your marketing insights.

An insider view of GTM: Learn how to approach building a GTM account, and implementing tracking solutions from a professional analyst's perspective.

A roadmap for simplifying your advanced tracking: Learn how to use the GTM workspace and naming conventions to keep your Tag Manager implementation clean and clear.

Tag Manager Mastery Course is broken down into 5 sections that feature 16 in-depth lessons and video tutorials about the fundamentals of Google Tag Manager.

This consolidated resource will help you quickly build GTM skills... Skills that will allow you to immediately add more value to your marketing.

Section 1: Google Tag Manager Decoded: Learn How To Dive Into GTM With Confidence And Purpose

Section 2: Working In Tag Manager: Time Saving Solutions That Will Make Tagging And Tracking Easier

Section 3: Event Tracking In Google Tag Manager: Using GTM To Add More Value To Your Measurement And Marketing Skills

Section 4: Tagging Your Website: The Secret To Upgrading Your Analytics Effectively And Quickly

Section 5: The Date Layer And Beyond: Enter The Analytics Matrix And Remove The Limitations From Your Measurement Capabilities

What You Can Expect From Data Studio Mastery

A process for automating your reporting using Google Data Studio

 A Framework and guide for consolidating your KPIs from multiple marketing platforms into one master dashboard

A strategy for consistently delivering reports that get your stakeholder's attention while highlighting your results

 A library of time-saving, ready-made reporting solutions

Data Studio Mastery is your complete guide to Google Data Studio. This program walks you step-by-step through building reports that highlight your results, capture your strategy, and answer critical marketing questions.

Here's a look at what we'll cover in this unique training program:

Section 1: Why Google Data Studio

Section 2: Reporting Strategy

Section 3: Getting Comfortable Inside Google Data Studio

Section 4: What Are Data Sources?

Section 5: Reporting Design Matters

Section 6: Connecting To Data Sources

Section 7: Creating Reporting Targets

Section 8: Putting It All Together

Bonus #1 & #2 - Master Classes with Simo Ahava and Jeff Sauer

Bonus #3 & #4 - GTM "Done For You" Google Analytics Container and Walkthrough

Bonus #5 - GTM Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Library

Bonus #6 - The "Done For You" GDS Template Library

Bonus #7 - Data Studio Office Hours Recordings with Jeff Sauer

Bonus #8 - Members-Only Digital Marketing Tool Discounts

Bonus #9 - Data Driven Member's Only Facebook Group

Our 60 Day Limited Refund Policy

Join Today! If you've watched all the videos in Data Studio Mastery and Tag Manager Mastery, followed the SOPs and reporting frameworks, and still can't find answers about the fundamentals of Google Tag Manager or Google Data Studio (tags, triggers and variables, and data sources, visualizations, and templates), email our support to request a refund. Show us that you've completed all of the video lessons and used our support channels to get help, and we'll happily refund your full payment. See our complete refund policy.

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You'll get access to all the lesson modules, all the exclusive resources and bonuses, and all the benefits of being a lifetime Data Driven member.

If you're ready to master the Data Driven process for tracking and visualizing the information you need to achieve your marketing goals...

Join us in Tag Manager and Data Studio mastery

Combine The Precise Data You Collect With Intuitive Reporting Templates


  • Tag Manager Mastery Training Program ($499 Value)
  • Data Studio Mastery Training Program ($499 Value)
  • Eight GTM Master Class Recordings ($2,000 Value)
  • Four Live Data Studio Master Class Recordings ($1,000 Value)
  • Data Tools Discounts ($1,809 Value)
  • Private Data Driven FB Group ($100 Value)

Total Value: $5,907

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