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Complex subjects made easy - Love all of Jeffs courses. He’s good at explaining things and you need someone like that for a complex subject such as analytics. Would highly recommend it.


Data Driven has trained digital marketers in over 1,000 organizations, including:

Are you prepared for Google Analytics 4?

There’s a seismic shift happening in online marketing.

… And, most businesses are completely unaware this transformation has started.

For more than a decade Google Analytics (GA) has been the do-it-all tool millions of businesses rely on to understand their marketing.

It’s been the go-to source of information for everything from website traffic stats to customer behavior data to advertising and sales metrics.

BUT… Google Analytics is about to change forever.

Over the past few months, Google started to roll out the newest version of its analytics tool - GA 4.

Yet, unlike most software updates, GA 4 is no one-click upgrade.

GA 4 is a new experience.

It features a new user interface and new reporting instruments.

MOST important of all, GA 4 is powered by a new data model

The significance of this new data model can’t be understated...

… It will impact every aspect of marketing analysis.

… It will change how you collect and measure your user data.

… It will affect eCommerce reporting. And, it will alter how you interpret your advertising performance.

The upheaval that comes with this massive change could be seen as an impending disaster. And for many marketers, it will be. 

They will wake up one day and realize they are behind the curve.

They will feel like the future happened right under their nose.

But for you and me, this transformation presents a unique opportunity.

You have a chance to be on the front end of one of the biggest events in Data Driven marketing in over a decade

During every major technological advancement, there are two types of people.

There's the majority - The majority is typically slow to adapt to change. They wait until they are forced to embrace new technology either out of necessity... or because of mass adoption.

Then there are the early adopters...

Early adopters look past all the bugs, flaws, and headaches of innovation.

Instead, they focus on the opportunity and the gains that come with being the first to achieve expertise in a new field.

There's risk in being an early adopter: the technology you embrace could fail to achieve mass adoption.

But, that's not the case when it comes to Google Analytics 4.

This technology will alter the way marketers interpret customer behavior.

You have a chance to be at the forefront of this advancement.

If you're a business owner, you can gain a deeper understanding of how your customers behave before your competition catches up.

If you’re a marketer, you can lead the evolution of how your company uses and interprets website data.

And, if you’re a marketing service provider… well, to be blunt: you can’t afford to be behind on this one.

Your clients rely on you to figure out what these changes mean for them. And, when the time comes, they will count on you to make their transition to GA 4 as seamless as possible.

Be one of the first over the Google Analytics 4 learning curve

In January, Data Driven founder, and marketing expert Jeff Sauer will start recording the next edition in his series of award-winning Google Marketing Platform trainings - Google Analytics 2021.

Jeff was a beta tester of the first version of Google Analytics. He’s also the creator of the Periodic Table of Analytics. And quite frankly, Jeff has more hands-on experience with Google Analytics than most Googlers.

His upcoming training, Google Analytics 2021, will walk you through everything you need to know to start using GA 4.

Also, this training will be updated throughout 2021. So, you’ll have an experienced guide to walk you through all the major changes as Google completes their rollout of GA 4.

Here’s everything you’ll get with our Google Analytics 2021 training program:

Monthly Training Module Releases

Starting in February 2021, with each training module we release, you’ll get the expertise you need to use and implement Google Analytics for your business and your clients

Lifetime Access to the Google Analytics 2021 Course

Once this program releases in its entirety, you’ll have forever access to all the lessons and accompanying resources

The Data Driven Google Analytics 2021 Roadmap

A live walkthrough detailing the Data Driven Team’s game plan for implementing and getting the most out of the new GA features as they are released

The GA 4 Migration Checklist

In January 2021, you’ll be the first to get this step-by-step action plan for migrating your analytics accounts and properties to GA 4

About The Instructor

Jeff Sauer

Hi, I’m Jeff Sauer, but you might know me as Jeffalytics. I was one of the first people to beta test Google Analytics in 2005, and have maintained a love for the product ever since.

 As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, I helped manage thousands of Google Analytics accounts and provide insights to organizations of all sizes. I am also a partner in a 5x Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Business award-winning Marketing Agency in St. Paul, MN.

But more importantly… these days, I am a full-time educator. Since 2015, I’ve launched several successful online training programs while helping over 17,000 students master PPC Marketing, Data Analytics, and Agency Business Development.

"My mission is to make learning digital marketing easy and fun for you!"

Your Pre-Order Comes With A 365 Day Guarantee

When you pre-order Google Analytics 2021 today, we are here to support your continued learning and career advancement. If within 365 days of purchase, you've watched all the Course videos, followed the SOPs, and used our support channels to get help, but still do not understand the content, then we'll happily work with you to get you the training you need or refund your Google Analytics 2021 purchase. See our complete refund policy.

Upgrade your pre-order to an Insiders Membership AND you'll also get live expert guidance

In addition to pre-ordering our Google Analytics 2021…. Today, you also have the opportunity to join the Data Driven Insiders at an exclusive end-of-year price.

As an Insider you’ll get to participate in our monthly, live GA 4 Masterclasses that kick off January 6th.

These monthly Masterclasses will allow you to learn from and interact with experts like Charles Farina and Simo Ahava.

During each masterclass, these Data Driven marketing innovators will show how they’re using the latest analytics technology. They’ll also answer any questions you have about advertising and website tracking.

And, starting in February, the Insiders will be staffed by a team of on-demand experts.

Insiders includes on-demand support from vetted analytics and advertising pros

Instead of allowing struggles with implementation errors or data inconsistencies to slow you down… you’ll be able to jump inside our Insiders Facebook group and get help from one of our pros.

NO MORE losing hours or days surfing forums and sifting through blog articles without finding the solution you need. As an Insider, you’ll get real-time answers and advice for all your analytics and advertising problems and questions.

And on top of all those benefits, when you upgrade to an Insiders membership…. You’ll get access to bonuses that will improve every dimension of your marketing skills.

Choose the option that’s right for you:

Google Analytics 2021

PRE-Order Exclusive


One Payment

  • Premier access to every training module as it releases (starting in February of 2021)
  • Lifetime access to the complete program and accompanying resources
  • Bonus: The Data Driven Google Analytics 4 Roadmap
  • Bonus: Step-by-Step Google Analytics 4 Migration Checklist
  • 365 Day Guarantee for Google Analytics 2021


What's the release schedule for Google Analytics 2021, and how soon will I be able to use it?

We'll release training module #1 of this program during the first week of February 2021. From there, we'll release a new group of on-demand lessons every 2 to 4 weeks until we've given you everything you need to understand, implement, and use GA4.

One of the reasons we're delaying our course release until February is our primary concern is NOT the speed of information... But instead, giving you the most accurate and timely information. When you pre-order this program, you can trust that we're researching every facet of the new Google Analytics platform. We're testing the changes and features to see how they affect collecting, measuring, and understanding your marketing data. Then, once we've vetted these updates, we'll bring complete yet concise information to you. And we'll show you how to act on what you learn.

Is Google Analytics 2021 part of Google Analytics Mastery?

No. Google Analytics 2021 is a new program that's NOT part of Google Analytics Mastery. The GA 4 update is the biggest change to Google Analytics in the last 15 years. So we feel this changeover merits a whole new training course.

That said, Google Analytics Mastery is still relevant to your skills and knowledge as a marketer. Truly understanding how to use Google Analytics is about much more than just pushing buttons or looking at reports. In Google Analytics Mastery, you learn the strategy behind marketing analysis. And you gain the foundational skills you need to use this highly advanced tool. You also accumulate the knowledge that is still necessary to pass GAIQ and achieve your Google Analytics Certification.

The skills you gain from Google Analytics Mastery will accelerate your ability to understand and use the latest version of Google Analytics - GA 4.

The best way to think about these two Data Driven training programs is this... Google Analytics 2021 is like an add-on to Google Analytics Mastery.

Will I be able to join Google Analytics 2021 at a later date?

Yes, there will be several opportunities next year to join this program. BUT… This is the only chance to get the Pre-Release discount you see today. After our pre-order opportunity is over, the cost of this program will more than double.

Also, if you're considering our GA 2021 + Insiders package... know that we are increasing the enrollment price for Insiders next year. By joining Insiders today, you can lock in your membership price. As long as you keep your membership current, your member dues will never increase.

Is this program appropriate for beginners?

Although it would be better if you complete our Google Analytics Mastery program first... YES, beginners can follow along with Google Analytics 2021. As the GA 4 rollout continues, we're going to be learning about the changes together. So now's as good a time as any to start learning how to use Google Analytics.

That said, if you're a true beginner... you may need to supplement your knowledge with some additional resources, so you fully understand the terminology in our lessons. The best course of action for someone who has no background in Google Analytics is to become a member of the Data Driven Insiders.

In the Insiders, you'll get access to Google Analytics Mastery (as well as many of our other courses). You can use GA Mastery to fill in your knowledge gaps. Or, if you are short on time and need to get up to speed ASAP, you can ask our experts' questions in our Facebook Group and on our support channels. Leveraging the on-demand assistance and support of our Data Driven experts is the quickest way for you to accelerate your skills.

What can I gain by upgrading my pre-order to an Insiders Membership?

Here's what you'll gain by choosing our Google Analytics 2021 + Insiders package:

 - Access to Google Analytics 2021 as it releases

- Invitations to our monthly Insiders Only Masterclasses and workshops where you'll learn tips and techniques from the leading experts in data-driven marketing

- On-demand support from our vetted analytics and advertising pros

- Complete access to all our Google Marketing Platform training programs and resources, including: Google Analytics Mastery,  Google Ads Mastery, Google Tag Manager Mastery, Google Data Studio Mastery

- Complete access to our Facebook and Google Ads Bootcamps

- Complete access to our "For Insiders" specialty programs: FB Ads on Budget, Starting From Zero, and The Linked Challenge

- 40+ Frameworks, Templates, and Checklists created by our team and guest experts. (This includes the proprietary process maps and action plans our guest experts share with us. These are the same assets they use to run their business and make millions for their clients).

- Direct Line access to Jeff Sauer. (Once a month, you can ask Data Driven Founder Jeff Sauer any question you have about analytics, marketing, or businesses, and he'll record a personalized video response for you).

Think about the Insiders advantage like this... it's like Netflix, if Netflix made you better at marketing, came with on-demand support, didn't waste your time or money, and provided you action plans you could use to shortcut your way to results. OK - never mind. The Insiders is nothing like Netflix.

It's more like a trusted source you can count on to make you a better, smarter, more capable, more informed marketer every single week of the year.

The advantage of pre-ordering today...

What’s your plan for Google Analytics 4?

If you don’t have one yet, that’s completely understandable.

Most people don’t. This update just happened.

But instead of worrying about when you’ll find time to figure out what this update means, how to use it, and how to make sure you don’t fall behind…

Let us take care of that!

By pre-ordering our Google Analytics 2021 program today, you’re solidifying your plans.

You’re ensuring that step-by-step, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to implement GA 4.

You won’t have to scramble at the last minute next year to try to figure out this changeover on your own.

And when your clients or stakeholders get around to asking “Hey what’s going on with this GA 4 thing, are we prepared?” you’ll be a step ahead of them. You’ll be ready to answer their questions and solve the problems they don’t even know they have yet.

So by pre-ordering Google Analytics 2021, you’re making a certain investment in your future.

Heck, knowing how valuable GA 4 expertise is about to become… Pre-ordering Google Analytics 2021 now might just be your best darn tax write-off  of the year.

Your Pre-Order Discount is available for the next week only:

Google Analytics 2021

Pre-ORder Exclusive


One Payment

  • Premier access to every training module as it releases (starting in February of 2021)
  • Lifetime access to the complete program and accompanying resources
  • Bonus: The Data Driven Google Analytics 4 Roadmap
  • Bonus: Step-by-Step Google Analytics 4 Migration Checklist
  • 365 Day Guarantee for Google Analytics 2021


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